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    Hanna Auman

    Courtney this is truly eye opening and amazing. You are such a talented writer and always have been. I love you and return home safetly 🙂

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      Thank you so much! Thank you for reading as well 🙂 I love you too!

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    I think you also have to consider that the American way of life is different because our entire country was based off of one’s own freedom to act how they please. That is why we are a melting pot of other cultures. Our culture also revolves around being active and involved, so everyone has their own agendas. Here, it’s not impractical to own more than one car because we all have such busy lives. It’s not that we’re selfish for the things we do, its just how people are used to interacting. Most eastern countries seem more laid back to us because we have an instilled sense of self-importance, therefore, tend to worry about what is right for ourselves before anything else. That doesn’t mean we’re wrong for thinking this way, that’s the reason our ancestors came here in the first place. However, I do agree more people should travel abroad because it definitely promotes being more open-minded.


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